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Welcome to the Undefined Pursuit Mindset Training Newsletter! This is an ongoing newsletter where we share the Undefined Pursuit mindset and document our team's exploration into achieving optimal human performance. It's an open newsletter meant for our internal team members and individuals who share our passion for progress, innovation, and embracing challenges in all aspects of life. There are no memberships or fees to join, and our measure of success is our continuous self-improvement journey. Each newsletter will cover topics related to the Undefined Pursuit mindset, insights into what our team is currently experimenting with for our own optimal performance, and highlights of relevant concepts spanning from religion and spirituality to neuroscience and beyond.

The Undefined Pursuit Mindset

When you look around our office or at our products, you'll notice the phrase, "Only those who risk are free." This simple yet profound statement encapsulates the Undefined Pursuit Mindset. It carries a deep meaning within its two words, "risk" and "free." Risk involves stepping out of our comfort zones, defying the urge for safety, and following a different instinct—one that led our ancestors to undertake daring journeys without maps, using boats crafted from scraps. Some of us still recognize that life's promise lies in the opportunities for adventure, progress, and growth, and we celebrate those who are willing to embrace the risks to pursue them. Freedom is the ultimate aspiration for every individual. To be truly free means to choose our own path, to deviate from the masses, and to master our fundamental biological instincts. It's about reconnecting with the curiosity we had as children—the endless exploration of new things, embracing both successes and failures. So, the complete phrase, "Only those who risk are free," encapsulates our philosophy that our ultimate human fulfillment is achieved through the relentless pursuit of new challenges, with the overarching goal of maximizing our potential as unique and creative individuals.

Neuroscience Highlight

Within our discussions—both internal and external—we frequently delve into the phenomenon known as "flow." Flow is a state of consciousness we enter when completely absorbed in a task or activity. During this state, our minds are fully engaged, distractions vanish, and time seems to flow effortlessly. Achieving flow occurs when we work on something that we find meaningful, and the level of challenge aligns perfectly with our current skill level. Flow is an exhilarating mental state, and the time spent in flow is directly correlated with one's happiness and fulfillment. Many of us first encountered a similar state of mind during sports, often referred to as being "in the zone." Flow, however, extends beyond sports and encompasses various activities. For a team of athletes turned creatives, flow is now a daily pursuit. What's intriguing about flow, and its connection to challenge-seeking and high performance, is that its parameters are dynamic and constantly changing. Achieving flow requires that the challenge level matches our skill level. While in flow, our skills improve, necessitating a greater challenge next time. We'll delve deeper into this fascinating process in upcoming issues, but for those interested in exploring this subject further, check out the first resource in this week's Neurostack.

Company Culture

At Undefined Pursuit, every new team member receives a welcome packet with the statement, "At Undefined Pursuit, we don't just build the best products in the world; we focus on creating the best people in the world." Those who've worked here understand the significance of this statement. The Undefined Pursuit mindset is the cornerstone of our company, surpassing even our products or sales in importance. Our emphasis lies in uncovering each individual's innate talents, coupled with a mindset of growth and an appetite for embracing challenges. This unique culture enables us to continually innovate and create at an unmatched pace.

Message from the Founder

Undefined Pursuit was founded 3 years ago with a straightforward mission: to create a brand that can make an impact. We started as a Online Training Company changing the livest of thousands of individuals, not just in regards to the body and physical form, but also the Mind. My personal journey, rooted in competitive sports, instilled a passion for discipline and the pursuit of excellence. I became obsessed with seeking an edge, dedicating weekends to practice and immersing myself fully in the sport. The brands and companies that resonated with me were those that spoke my language. I noticed that wearing the right apparel and equipment not only enhanced my performance but also made me feel part of something larger than myself. In my teens, I believed I would become either a professional basketball player. However, i had to reevaluate my path. I turned to running and weightlifting in college to fill the void, and I quickly developed the same level of obsession as with sports. The key difference was that, while sports provided external competition and coaching, weightlifting required self-motivation and discipline. There was no competition, coach, or promise of a championship; it was entirely dependent on my decisions and self-discipline. This practice of discipline began to influence other areas of my life. I started seeking growth and progress for my mind—reading instead of watching TV, meditating, and learning new skills. I firmly believe that the mindset I developed through fitness played a pivotal role in my entrepreneurial success and my ability to build a team at Undefined Pursuit that inspires me daily to explore the limits of my mind and body. In recent years, I've become as obsessed with training my mind as I am with training my body. Our mental diets, training routines, and discipline are just as crucial as their physical counterparts. This concept led us to the Mindset Training concept, where we explore how to view our minds not as passive entities hardwired at birth but as muscles that need proper nourishment and regular exercise. The harmony between mind and body is an infinite frontier with no finish line or finite goals, only continuous growth. This journal won't lead us to finite happiness, but it will undoubtedly bring us closer to discovering our true selves. I believe that every individual possesses unique and extraordinary abilities, waiting to be unlocked. Just like the years we dedicate to physical training, this process takes time, discipline, and effort. We can all become the people we admire. - Devin P





This book is the ultimate resource to learn more about the phenomenon of flow and the concept of “optimal experience.”



Ten minute meditation each morning to focus your mind for the day. Sit somewhere comfortable. Close your eyes. Breathe naturally. Focus on the breath and become aware of the rising and falling of your chest. Notice any other movement that occurs with the breath. As your mind begins to wander, gently bring your attention back to the breath.”



Try something new that you are interested in to reconnect with flow, preferably a challenging activity like swimming or boxing, or a more creative activity such as music, painting, or sculpting. Notice how it feels to try something you aren’t already good at, and see if the new challenge causes you to enter a flow state.


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