Key Features of the Premium Package:

  • iPhone Application: Upon enrollment, clients gain exclusive access to a cutting-edge iPhone application that serves as the central hub for their fitness journey. The user-friendly interface offers seamless navigation and incorporates advanced features to track progress, visualize workout forms, and monitor overall performance.
  • Workout Tracking: Elite Coaching includes an advanced workout tracking system that allows clients to log their exercise routines, ensuring consistent progress monitoring. With a comprehensive history of workouts, individuals can easily identify trends, evaluate improvements, and stay motivated throughout their fitness journey.
  • Nutrition Tracking and Guidance: Nutrition plays a vital role in achieving fitness goals. Clients will benefit from the built-in nutrition tracking feature, which helps monitor dietary choices and encourages mindful eating habits. Additionally, our expert team of dieticians will provide personalized nutrition guidance, tailored to individual needs and fitness objectives.
  • Visual Workout Form Guide: To ensure optimal training and prevent injuries, the iPhone application offers a visual workout form guide. Clients can access detailed instructions and demonstrations for each exercise, promoting proper form and technique during their workouts.
  • Weekly Skype Check-ins: To maintain a high level of accountability and support, our premium package includes weekly one-on-one check-ins with our certified personal trainers. These virtual sessions allow clients to address any questions, discuss progress, and receive personalized feedback, fostering a stronger client-trainer relationship.
  • Personalized Training Plans: Our experienced personal trainers curate customized workout plans based on each client's fitness level, preferences, and specific goals. This bespoke approach maximizes results and minimizes the risk of plateaus, keeping clients engaged and motivated.

Elite Coaching represents the epitome of personalized fitness solutions, providing a holistic approach to achieving transformative results. Through the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology, expert guidance, and unwavering support, this package empowers clients to embark on a fulfilling and successful fitness journey. With a focus on accountability, convenience, and results, it is the ideal choice for individuals committed to unlocking their true fitness potential.

  • Sara, 24
    15 Pounds of Fat Loss
    “Working with Devin has been an amazing experience.
    I Lost 15 lbs in just 10 weeks. I never expected someone to be so dedicated to keeping me on track, making sure my form was right, and being there on my good and bad days to motivate me.
    If you get the chance to work with him, don't hesitate. You won't regret it. His results are no joke."
  • Lee, 39
    15 Pounds of Fat Loss
    "I am just really happy with how this program went and extremely grateful for both the tough challenges and the good days. I am also SUPER grateful for the time and attention you've given me along with just always being motivating and encouraging for me :) Having support like this makes everything that much easier and gives you the energy and excitement to keep moving forward.
    I never fully understood how a body recomp works until now and I am more than grateful for this experience because of the lessons it has taught me and even more grateful to have a BOMB coach in my corner the whole way through! :)"
  • Ryan, 28
    15 Pounds of Muscle Gain
    Coaches' Note: Nick’s goal in working with me is to maintain a physique that turns heads and to not feel mediocre in the gym anymore. In his own words, “I want to have the kind of physique that makes people say HOLY !$%*! Look at that yoked dude!” ...I’d say Nick is right about there. I shined the light, but he chose to walk the path.
  • Brandon, 23
    10 Pounds of Muscle Gain
    “I came to Devin looking to gain muscle, maintain a leaner look, and obtain some structure with fitting a fitness routine into my busy week. I’ve tried crash diets before in the past, but they’ve never worked for me. Working with Devin not only helped me transform but taught me more about training, and nutrition and gave me more awareness surrounding what it takes to achieve and keep my physique goals in the future.
    I’m very pleased with how we communicated throughout our time working together – I felt completely supported and he always cheered me on. I would recommend Devins's programs to anyone who is looking to get in better shape and learn what it takes to do so!”
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