The #1 Network for Personal Mastery,Generational Wealth & Global Brotherhood

Every year a small group of men make millions of dollars, are in the best shape of their lives, they travel the world and are constantly surrounded by amazing men and women...

 Whilst 99.9% of others work themselves to the bone for not even a fraction of the income, they're stuck in a business they can't take time off from, and they don't know the next step forward.
There are men out there who wake up in the villa of their dreams, next to a 10/10, with an inbox full of people begging to buy from them.
 These are Elite Operators.
 Yet there are a lot of men who are able to get ahead in one area of life - maybe their business is doing well, or they have a great physique...
 But they lack in all the other areas.
They don't know how to remove themselves from their business.
 They don't know the methods & systems to scale their income.
 They're working on a daily basis with zero fulfillment and never truly enjoying the money they're earning.
 They're unsure how to find the right woman who will compliment their lifestyle.
 The question is...

What do the Elite Operators HAVE that makes them effortlessly conquer all areas?


For centuries, elite men have withheld secrets & dominated industries.
 Sacred texts were witheld from the common folk.
 Only the highest in society were allowed to learn the secrets to success.

 A select few, conquering the entire world.

 They did this by using the GENTLEMANS CLUB.

 Using their expansive knowledge, resources and connections to make sure their pack not only survives, but thrives.

The Modern World is moving faster than ever.

Will you be left behind or will you be at the front

Pandemics, Rising Taxes & Living Costs, Global Agendas, the War on Masculinity...

It is no longer feasible to be a one-man army.

The Elite Operators know this.

You alone aren't powerful enough to make it to the top.

Alone, you cannot achieve the levels of wealth and freedom that you seek.

Even if you do, it will not last.

Even the great Roman Emperors were brought down because they didn't have the right circle around them.

It's not just about having close people to you.

It's about having the right people close to you.

To accumulate true success in all realms of life, you need to be close to those already with those levels you aspire for.

Money Flows To Those WhoAre Closest To It

I have learned this over and over.

Whenever I surround myself with men operating 10x higher than me, I rise to their level.

The people who take home millions of dollars every month know this too.

You ever wonder why Elite Operators don't hang around broke people anymore?

The energy flows.

Think about this...

If you have 5 millionaires and introduce someone earning $10,000 a month to that friendship group, you will soon have 6 millionaires.

Money flows to you when you are in these circles.

The ability to:

- Stay disciplined with your health

- Acquire new contracts

- Launch your offers profitably

- Scale personal brands

This all becomes easy when you have people around you who are already at the top of their game.

Trust me when I say that there is information out there that is not (and will never be) shared with the masses.

These gems of knowledge have allowed me and many others to scale beyond $100k a month while travelling the World and barely doing much "work" at all...

This knowledge has helped myself and many others within The New Elite to become Elite Operators and conquer all areas of life - effortlessly.

 When you're in the right circles, it is EASIER to improve than to stay at your current level.

Read that again.

When you're in the right circles, it is EASIER to improve than to stay at your current level.

When you join an The New Elite, you will find it difficult to NOT increase your income.

You will find it difficult to NOT get in the best shape of your life.

You will find it difficult NOT to curate a personal brand that attracts more high level men and beautiful women.


This Modern Day Gentleman's Club is your access to the restricted knowledge of the Elites and a network of global brothers.

The New Elite accumulates wealth for the sake of LIVING.

The New Elite doesn't believe in going through life with a scarcity mindset, holding onto ones wealth with a tight grip until death.

The New Elite challenges you in every realm and offers intense accountability to your growth as a man.

Every member of The New Elite dominates all aspects of life and thrives with the value of the Modern Day Gentleman's Club.



    The difference between you now and the version of you who makes over $1million a month comes down to information. The information you know now has capped you at your current ceiling.


    To unlock new levels of success you need to gain access to the data that isn't easily available - such as how exactly I managed to grow my YouTube from 0 - 100,000 subscribers and start a business that now generates over $100,000 per month.


    You need to learn precisely what your next steps are and that comes from people who have already been down that road... Knowledge - like wealth - flows freely and easily amongst members of The New Elite. 


    Surround yourself with brothers on the same mission, holding the same values and who will be by your side in the Storm. This is about having people that will be with you in the trenches and the private jets.


    There is nothing more valuable to the Modern Man than a close network of brothers who push him past his limits, challenge him in all arenas, and help him become his best self. This Brotherhood ensures you have the right people - hundreds of high calibre men in a global network - around you to help you achieve Greatness.


    Money is no longer the currency of the realm - it is relationships and that is exactly what you build in The New Elite.


    The World has become smaller yet more connected. The walls are closing in and our sacred right to freedom is at risk. The new currency is no longer money, it's FREEDOM. Earning $500,000 a year means nothing if you still wear the invisible shackles of the 9-5.


    There are a select group of men who are able to play outside of the rulebook and regain their Freedom. They have learned methods from the Old Elite that allows them Freedom in money, time and location. It's time for you to join them.


    Whether it's a Recession, Pandemic, Global War... You need to understand how to operate outside of the usual rules of the game in order to be Free.

The New Elite is the Modern Gentleman’s Club, taking advantage of the lessons from secret societies of old and combining with the online world.

The New Elite encompasses the strength, ambition and the exclusivity of ancient brotherhoods.

We have studied many secret societies and found the formula to achieving greatness as a global network.

We live by the Creed that every man should pursue excellence in all areas of his life.

We put every new member through our Custom Elite Operator Program to ensure all members are highly focused, living in line with their higher self, and living each day operating at 100% with ease. 

Our members push their boundaries, their minds and beliefs are broken down and rebuilt stronger every time.


  • - Scaling businesses from $10k to $100k months
  • - Growing Personal Brands that attract high-level men and women
  • - Winning Professional Fights in Muay Thai
  • - Escaping their hometown environment and limiting beliefs
  • - Taking trips around the globe with their new lifelong friends

There are many more stories from our Members achieving their dream lives.

These Men who live in accordance with this Ancient Law are realising a truth that has been lost in the last centuries...

You Can Be So Much More Than Your Current Self.


The Modern Man is isolated.

Cut off from the Ancient Ways of building a strong tribe.

Unable to find true brothers in a society of weak, distracted men.

Soyboy, vegan, brainwashed, beta, gender fluid liberals who can't handle any pressure or competition of any sort.

You would rather go it alone than connect with them.

But you know that route doesn't work.

Monk Mode will only get you so far.

The Lone Wolf dies in the snow.

It is the Pack that survives.

Surrounding yourself with high-level guys means you have access to a global structure filled with business opportunities, travel plans, like-minded brothers, and a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

The only way to truly achieve growth is by surrounding yourself with people doing BETTER than you in life.

Do you want to PUSH your limits?

"Laziness" shouldn't be in your vocabulary. Settling for mediocre should not cross your mind.


If you are to become truly Great, you need to break all mental and physical limits of the past, and grow into your full potential. Achieve goals beyond what you thought possible.

Do you want to SCALE your income & wealth?

Do you want to SCALE your income & wealth?

Right now you are stuck under a ceiling. You can't seem to make progress and you feel like you've tried everything to scale with nothing working.

 Our network solves that. I personally show the exact methods behind my growth in income beyond $100,000 per month, optimising taxes and more. All broken down into our exclusive 8 week Program.

Do you want to LIVE a life of travel & adventure?

Do you want to LIVE a life of travel & adventure?

One key aspect of life our members all achieve is Freedom. Growing your online income, travelling as you please and operating on multiple grids.

 Want to jet off to Thailand? We're here. Want to spend the weekend skiing? We'll get a big chalet together. Want to go on a road trip through South America? We'll see you there. It's never a dull day when you have brothers who are able to enjoy life to the max.

Do you want to CONNECT with G's?

You ever look around your current friends and realise they all live the same lives they had 3 years ago? Same town, same conversations, same mindset.

 It's time you surrounded yourself with people making serious growth each year, travelling the World and never settling for an average, boring life.

Do you want to MASTER all realms of life as a man?

Do you want to MASTER all realms of life as a man?

This level of value in this Network is like no other. We are consistently helping our Members through weekly Coaching Calls, a full 8 Week Program as well as regular in-person Masterminds.

 You'll have resources covering everything you need to become wealthy, respected, and operating like an Elite Man.

Do you want ACCOUNTABILITY to become your best self?

This Modern Gentleman's Club gives you everything you need to fill your potential.

 I know this works because it was exactly what I needed when starting to grow my business, my personal brand, and most importantly my bulletproof mind.

What Happens when you Join Our Brotherhood?

Step 1

If you're application is successful, you'll be welcomed into The New Elite.

 That's when you start operating at an Elite level.

 With our Custom 8-Week Elite Operator Program, you'll quickly become more capable, focused, and successful in all areas of your life than ever before.

 We focus on levelling up your mindset through high-level, unheard-of methods that will push you to become your Higher Self.

 We ensure that every single member operates on the same wavelength as us.

 A Brotherhood is only as strong as its weakest member.

 Ours accept no weakness.

Step 2

You'll then have access to a wealth of information aimed to improve all aspects of your life:

- Income

- Women

- Mindset

- Health

- Freedom

- Tax Optimisation

- Personal Branding

You will also have personal 1:1 Mentorship Calls with Devin & Access to our Weekly Group Mentorship Calls

Alongside this are our meetups that are happening in your city with our members having gym sessions, dinners, networking, sharing ideas and helping each other grow.

 And last but certainly not least...

 The New Elite Masterminds.

 Run across the globe, these high-level Events bring our Brothers together and uncover the secrets of success. Our Senior Leadership & Experts run Talks on Crypto, Content, Mindset, Business, Taxes and more.

 Our most recent Koh Samui Event included a Private Jet, 2 Days of Mastermind Talks, 5-Star Hotel Stay, Yacht Trip & Content Session, VIP Dinners and much more.

Step 3

“In Every Instance Where You Find a Man (Or Woman) of Outstanding Achievement in Any Calling,

You Will Find that He has Been a Success as a Result of a Mastermind Alliance.”
- Napoleon Hill

 The power of the Master Mind is real.

 And you now have that power through full access to our Network.

 From Crypto Whales, to Ex-Special Forces, to YouTubers...

 We have guys from all industries, all operating at a high level.

 All sharing their knowledge to help everyone.

 Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison all achieved great success with having their own Master Mind networks of high achievers.

How Could Joining An Elite Group of Men Transform Your Life? 

How would your business change if you instantly had access to men earning millions of dollars per year in your industry?

 How would your lifestyle change if you were instantly connected to more like-minded guys in your area?

 How would your health change if you had daily accountability and support from men who run marathons, are fitness coaches and in peak physical condition?

 A lot of other networks are focused ONLY on connections for making money.

 That's fine if that's what you're looking for, you will still find that here - in abundance.

 But what makes The New Elite truly unique is that all of our members have substantially improved lives - not just bank accounts - since joining.

 What is the point of making $100k a month if you live in a boring town with zero brothers on the same wavelength?